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Hi Craig
I’ve been meaning to write this e-mail for some time; however, it always slips my mind when I’m sitting at my computer. 
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the club and how incredibly proud I am to be a member.  I’ve always known it, but having had the chance to play at a few of the other private clubs in Edmonton, it becomes even more apparent how special our club is.  All of our staff are very friendly and helpful, the food in the clubhouse has been fantastic, and the course is in absolutely phenomenal condition.  Numerous times this year I’ve pulled out my phone to take a photo of the course or one of the flower beds to show my friends and family.    
All of the above is not going unnoticed.  I just wanted to say thanks and great job to you and your team!
Mike T.




What a great Mother’s Day event you hosted! We have had the opportunity to dine in many establishments worldwide over the years. The meal you presented to the members and their guests was as good if not better than most we have enjoyed in North America or Europe (even Australia)!
Member since 1977,
Gerry and Pat G
P.S. Good omelette, Craig…


I just wanted to say thank you for making my omelette and please give a big thank you to all the staff for making Mother’s Day so special.  To see the clubhouse so full and so loud was wonderful.  To see so many smiling faces, members and staff, this is what I wanted when I joined a club.  Thank you for making it happen.
Betty M



Since joining the Glendale recently, I am really impressed with all faucets of the club. The staff are top notch and dedicated to customer service excellence. The new member package is very informative that outlines the Glendale’s vision, mission and brand which are important building blocks to any successful business. The course is in fantastic shape and my family looks forward to utilizing the pool on warm summer days.  Also, I really enjoy the ongoing communication over the winter including pictures and updates on the course condition and other news.
We love spending time at the Glendale.
Keep up the great work Craig and team!!
Ken K



I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the kitchen staff this year. I had many meals there this year and all were "5 star" quality. Matt is doing a great job and the service from all the staff is wonderful.
Keep up the good work!
Thank you,
Jason B


Yes you have come to the end of many emails from me, but this one is merely to say a huge THANK YOU for everything. You all put up with my lack of knowledge so well and it was appreciated more than I can say.

Matthew and Greg – I had so many great comments from our entire team about both of you. You were both always smiling and always there when we needed you – literally…we turned around and there you were. 

In addition to the two of you -  your team were incredible. From the wait staff to the guys who helped at bag drop and jumped in to do more than just deliver bags to carts. I am just blown away by the professionalism and support we received. I have learned a lot as well which is great as I now have a year before part II. 

You have all made my first experience incredible and I will be forever grateful because it could have gone a completely different way.

Hope you all have an amazing week and please pass on our gratitude to your entire team. 


Alberta Cancer Foundation



Hi Craig,
I’d like to share the following comments/email with whoever you see fit. 
I wanted to take the time to express to you and the staff how outstanding the course is in terms of playability, presentation and condition.  I would deem myself a relatively heavy user of Glendale and have to say that the fairways are always maintained well, look fantastic and have weathered the baking heat really well with the hard work of the grounds folks.  The greens have been rolling true (though I’d appreciate if the cup was made approx.. 3 inches bigger for MY putts only when playing skins with my buddies) and consistent.  The pro shop staff is always outstanding and friendly and the guys and gals working the golf bags are always quick to help out and are rock solid.  Finally the looks of the course are amazing with the great work with regard to the flower beds etc.  I would only assume that there are many more negative emails and comments so I wanted to make sure that the Glendale staff and team know that their hard work is not going unnoticed and it is making a difference in our experience.
P.S.  Please advise on the status of the larger cups for me.
Daryl B



I played golf on July 1st with a friend of mine at the Glendale, we got paired with a nice couple who only played 9 holes then we played by ourselves for the back 9. I tell you all this to share with you and the staff the idyllic day that we enjoyed, perfect fairways and greens, a gorgeous day, light wind, it was amazing.

My friend was impressed with the course, the clubhouse, the staff, plus the food and beverage.
Tip of the cap to you and your staff for providing another amazing day!!!!
Kevin O



Hey Craig,


Glendale is one of the few courses that I never get tired of playing. The layout presents new challenges every time out. The members at Glendale as well as the “top shelf” staff are all great friendly people and being a member has been and I’m positive will continue to be very enjoyable and a lot of fun.


Randy R


Hi Craig


I've been meaning to send this to you for some time now. Apologies for my tardiness. 

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my golf experience at the Glendale G&CC. 


Since joining the club I've been quite happy with the total experience available to me from the golf course, food and beverage services and club membership activities. Pretty clear there will always be varying opinions on golf experiences. Difficult to please every one. For me I love being a member at Glendale. 


Coming to a new club is not easy. Not knowing many people and club processes is challenging. You along with all your staff have made me feel welcomed and appreciated. Gain more comfort and familiarity every year. 


I think the essence of membership in a private golf club is its never ending quest for improvement. I like progressive thinking organizations. Those that are open minded and not afraid to trying new ideas with a goal to improve the quality of the experience each year. 


Thanks to you and all your staff for making my membership something to be proud of. 


Andrew H




With our move we already miss The Glendale, a family oriented club on a high quality course is unique and hard to find.  You have a great club.


All the best,


Brad B




It is too bad my health will not let me continue my membership at the Club. I have truly enjoyed my time at the Club over the years.  In my mind, it’s still the best course in Edmonton, after you factor in the challenge the Glendale course itself offers and now the first class clubhouse and facilities we have.




Bill L





I'm forwarding this email to express how delighted my family and I are after our first year of membership at the Glendale.  As a new member family were expecting to have to be around for a couple of years until we began to feel comfortable and "at home" at the club.  I can tell you first hand within the first couple of months we felt as though we'd been members for years.  Your personal welcoming attitude and effort to say hello whether I was playing golf or bringing my family in for dinner is very much appreciated.

We noticed how quickly the service staff and pro shop group not only learned our faces and names but also really made efforts to become familiar with who we were, what we liked, etc.  Greg and his group were a pleasure to deal with in the pro shop and the gang in the club storage were always friendly and quick to consol me after I complained about my "questionable" rounds. Amber always made an effort to say hi and her serving group made coming to the club house for breakfast, lunch, dinner etc a real pleasure.  My wife and kids loved the pool and overall we found the food exceptional on a regular basis (our compliments to Chef Ariel).

Being exposed to golf course management through my company, it was great to see Daryl's gang on the course grooming, fixing, maintaining and improving on a regular basis.  Dealing with Bruce on the accounting set up has been easy and accommodating. I'm very excited about the future capital improvements to the course and the club.

I wanted to pass this onto you to thank you and the entire staff for your efforts.  It is definitely noticed and appreciated. I'm often asked by my friends and business associates how my first year at The Glendale went, and I'm quick to express my above comments.

Thanks again for your efforts and the efforts of the entire staff at The Glendale.

Looking forward to another great year!

Darin R



I’d like to bring to your attention some spectacular service that I’ve received at the Glendale.

1.       Stacey Nutt’s work on Tuesday evenings as the floor manager is outstanding! There were a significant number of people in the Clubhouse last week and I would like to say she handled herself professionally and with a great deal of courtesy. She even went to a table to speak to one of the member’s children regarding his unacceptable attire. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been and she did so without provocation and with such professionalism I was quite impressed. An excellent example of enforcing our rules with class and discretion! I was going to commend her afterwards but thought it more appropriate to send you this email.

2.       The pros at this course are second to none in service and friendliness. They routinely help people out on the range through informal lessons and are always greeting and inquiring on people’s games. A few days back, Jacques took this approach with me and gave me a quick fix. Yesterday I shot a 35 on the back nine! I’ve sent my friends (non-members) to Greg and the other pros at the course because of this attitude and hopefully I’m not the only one letting you know about it.


Ben S