A share purchase is not only an investment in your golf game, it is an investment for your family. The Glendale Golf & Country Club does not charge a transfer fee if a decision is ever made to pass the share along to a spouse or sibling of the family. The Club has 465 shares issued and these are traded at the discretion of each owner on the open market. 

Initial Purchase Outline:
Purchase of Share - $3,000.00 *
Entrance Fee $15,000.00 **

*    Private share sales fluctuate in value, depending on market conditions
**  Entrance Fee Payment Schedule:
$   750.00 GST portion due at purchase; remaining $15,000 can be paid over the next five years interest free.

Upon receipt of the final payment a share will be issued in your name.

Annual Costs Outline:
Please click on the Shareholder Update from below to see annual cost for each category.


Shareholder Roster Update Form

Shareholder Responsibilities Document

Tee Time Access Chart